What does a century in credit score look like?

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Love cricket? Well then this blog is the perfect read for you. Read on to know how you can apply some of the principles of the most loved game in India to build an awesome credit score.

What does a century in credit score look like?

Scoring a century is one of the most cherished achievements in cricket. However, credit score too has its own “century” — a score of 750 or above, which separates the excellent credit scores from their mediocre counterparts. Here are a few familiar practices from cricket you can use in your everyday life to hit your century in the game of credit score.

Winning starts with planning:

It’s no surprise that the first thing cricket teams do before a match is discuss their strategy for the game—whether to bat first, how many runs they need to post a good score, etc. And that’s exactly what happens on the field. The team then works hard on the field to achieve those goals.

The same applies for your credit score. The obvious goal here is to achieve a score that’s above 750. And to get to that score, you need a perfect strategy to begin with. A better understanding of things like when you should apply for a new card, how much of your credit limit you should be using, which of your accounts are overdue etc. can help you set your next step right.

With OneScore, you get customised insights that are not generic, but customised to your credit behaviour, so that you understand where you need to work on the most (Click here to view these insights)

Consistency is the king:

The most successful cricket players, who stay in the top ranks over a long period of time, have one thing in common: they consistently score high runs or win games. The same applies to your credit score. If you want to keep an excellent credit score, it’s important that you consistently pay your bills and check your credit score regularly.

OneScore helps you see all your accounts at one place so you can track your finances and never forget to pay a bill again. And it lets you check your credit score from CIBIL and Experian for free, for as often as you’d like.

Action driven by insights :

What you see on TV is not all there is to a game. In fact, preparation, practice, and discussions leading up to and following the actual match are just as important as what happens when the cameras are rolling. Even the greatest of players review their performances after every game in order to learn from their successes—and mistakes.

Likewise, as a credit user, you should review your credit report and history to better understand how you use credit. OneScore’s ‘Find Out Why’ feature helps you understand exactly the factors that are affecting/improving your credit score, and gives you actionable suggestions to further improve your credit score (Click here to understand why your credit score changed this month)

Rules run the game:

If you feel rules are boring, imagine a cricket game with no rules. Confusing, right? That’s exactly what happens if you don’t follow the rules required to maintain a good credit score. And it’s not even that difficult. Just maintain a decent credit repayment history, regularly track your credit score and report - and there’s nothing that can go haywire.


-   Paying your EMIs and credit card bills on time

-   Keeping your credit utilisation low

-   You’re not applying for multiple credit cards or loans

-   Reviewing your credit report and rectifying any mistakes

-   Using old credit cards

-   Keeping a healthy mix of credit

Therefore, all entertainment aside, there’s a lot one can learn from the game of cricket. So (download OneScore) and use these learnings to regularly track your credit score, be vigilant of the factors that are affecting your score, and rectify errors in your credit report on time.

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