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Use the OneScore app to check your complete loan & credit card payment history. Avoid delayed payments.

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Payments History

Delayed payments can impact your credit score negatively. To avoid this, ensure timely repayment of loan and credit card dues and maintain a good credit score. With the powerful Payments History view in the app, you get details of all your card and loan payments, including both delayed and timely payments.


Major Factors Affecting Your Credit Score

Several businesses and even employers are using a credit score or credit report to make decisions about your creditworthiness and financial behaviour, and how you manage these factors will play a major role in determining that.

Payments History

Late payments can damage your credit score. Always pay your loan and credit card dues on time.

Credit Utilisation

Living life on the edge and maxing your credit card? A high credit utilisation can impact your your score.

Portfolio Mix

It is good to have a balanced mix of credit card and loan accounts for a healthy credit score.

Age of Accounts

Having a long history on the bureau signifies financial maturity and contributes to a higher credit score.

Credit Enquiries

Like applying for loans/credit cards? Too many credit enquiries linked to your application can hurt your score.

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