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Building a credit score is now easier with the Score Planner. Whether you need to build your credit score from scratch or take it up a notch, the score planner will tell you just the steps you need to take your credit score to the next level.

Payments History

Major Factors That Impact Your Credit Score

Your creditworthiness defines the future of your goals. Banks and financial institutions use your credit score to check your eligibility for premium credit cards or loans, as well as determine interest rates. But do you know exactly what is impacting your credit score?

Payments History

Late payments can damage your credit score. Always pay your loan and credit card dues on time.

Credit Utilisation

Living life on the edge and maxing your credit card? A high credit utilisation can impact your score.

Portfolio Mix

A good credit mix includes credit cards and loan accounts, which contribute to a healthy credit score.

Age of Accounts

Having a long credit history signifies that you are financially-responsible and contributes to a high credit score.

Credit Inquiries

Never apply for multiple credit products at once. Too many credit inquiries in the short run can hurt your score.

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